Saturday, February 17, 2018

It Might As Well Be Spring

It is a cold and rainy today
but in my mind it is spring and I am having
a picnic in a green meadow.
On my new picnic blanket.
Butterflies and games and finger sandwiches.
You are all invited.

Featured: my work-in-progress
gigantic picnic blanket.
It will be some time until it is done
but my nephew Noam is already enjoying it.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Clean Up Your Room!

They always tell me
to clean up my room.
Don't they know I'd rather
ride the broom?

"Tidy your toys!
Hang up your dress!"
They take all the fun
out of making a mess.

Featured: I made my niece and nephew
door signs for their new rooms.
The letters you cannot read
are their names :-)
And I'm also showing Dana's
sign gift wrapped.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Late Kate

A flock of birds is ready to migrate,
and all are looking for a bird named Kate.
Kate is always always late
and finally the others can't wait.

Kate arrives prepared to say 'sorry'
she didn't mean to make anyone worry,
but finds herself quite alone -
the woods are quiet, the birds all gone.

She sits waiting as the day grows dark
hoping the flock may still come back;
she looks to the sky, heaves a sigh,
tries very hard not to cry.

The temperatures drop, there is some frost
and Kate is feeling completely lost
when two squirrels suddenly appear
saying: "please don't worry, dear".

"Come find shelter behind the trees,
the two of us won't let you freeze;
winter in the woods can be fun,
just wait till you meet everyone."

The cold months are indeed good
as Kate makes friends in the wood;
but still you can hear someone complain:
"Kate is late? Surely not again!"

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Trio of Baskets


If I had wings or a hot air balloon
I'd fly myself up to the moon;
I'd sit on the moon so happy and tall
and everyone else would seem really small.

Featured: baskets made out of
t-shirt yarn. My nephew Tomer
had an interesting purpose for them.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Brown Don't Frown!

One day I met the color brown
and asked it: Brown, why do you frown?
"I can't remember, I'm trying to think,
why did I grow up wanting to be pink?"

1. An Ikea hack - potholder embroidery
2. First wildflowers of the season
3. A little-long cot cushion
4. Baklava - the stickiest of treats
5. A mobile phone bag
6. Mushrooms after the rain

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sew a Softie - the Hanukkah edition


Did you hear 
the story of the menorah?
you can't even find it
in the Torah.

In ancient times of 
kings and knights
pure oil was needed
to light the lights.

The temple was dark,
as dark as the night
and there was enough oil
for one day of light.

And then a miracle
fueled the blaze
and the oil lasted
eight full days!

With my niece Dana, we are once again joining Trixie's Sew a Softie.
This time we wanted to show what could be done with leftover
bits and pieces from your felt projects, with a Hanukkah theme.

Dana combined small pieces of felt to create a menorah
and turned that into a softie pillow for her new room.
We also sewed small pieces of felt together 
to create a canvas and used embroidery 
to turn that into a softie dreidel.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Great Doll Bake-Off

When the dolls gathered to bake
they couldn't agree on what to make.
so each made a different cake.

They wanted to put them to the test
and invited an honored guest
to decide which cake was best.

The panicked bear almost cried -
please don't ask me to decide,
I couldn't possibly pick a side!

 He looked in such complete despair
the dolls agreed it wasn't fair
to put this burden on the bear.

From each cake they cut a slice,
some took a bite, some tried it twice.
Really, all the cakes were nice.

And being kindly dolls and wise
they gave all the cakes a prize
But who came first? That's a surprise.

Featured: I don't write much about paper crafts 
but I  recycle every pretty piece of paper 
that comes my way into boxes, bags, 
decorations or envelopes.

I picked up a brochure from
a biscuit company at the market.
I didn't fancy making any of the recipes
and made these paper envelopes instead.